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Dorsets n Daylilies

We have been in the Dorset business since 1980 and have been growing Daylilies since 1986.
Previously we have shown our sheep under the name of Nutty Acres Farm.

We run 150 head of Registered Dorset and Dorset Advantage ewes. They lamb in the fall and the spring, with a good percentage of the spring lambing ewes being rebred for fall lambs. Our base genetics are Maypolyne, Myers, and Martin and our ewe flock is closed. We strive to produce a Dorset that is moderately sized, full of meat, easy keeping, hardy, and productive. Our ewes spend a good part of their year out on pasture and only see a barn when they are close to lambing.

We currently have a flock of White Dorper and Dorper crosses.

Our daylilies are hybridized daylilies, they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.
We currently have over 800 varieties of daylilies and are actively hybridizing daylilies of our own.
Our farm is located in Eastern Ohio, only 8 miles off I-70.
Visitors to the farm are always welcome. Please call ahead so we are sure to be around.
We can assist in shipping sheep and daylilies.


We Sell Sheep That Breed On For Others!
Breeder Excellence Award
We received the Dorset Breeder of Excellence Award at the 2013 Ohio Dorset Sale.


Jason, Kirsten, & Hainsley Hatfield
3660 Big B Rd - Zanesville Ohio 43701 - (H) 740.796.2406 - (C) 740.819.8313 -

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